MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Inc.


Founded as subsidiary of MNG Holding in 2003 MNG Kargo, is at service with 7 Technological HUBS in total 26 HUBS, 15 regional directorates, over 800 branches and 8000 employees and it’s over 2200 vehicle land fleet and 6 aircrafts. MNG Kargo is one of the leading shipping company of Turkey which serves at globally standardized high quality service to 600.000 addresses per day in 220 different countries and all over Turkey.


Being the only cargo company that has its own aircrafts in its fleet MNG Kargo warranties 24 hours delivery in all of the city centers of the Turkey by integrating air freight with land freight. MNG Kargo supports its improved success in custom clearance, Ent-repot and storage services in import and export transactions with MNG Cargo Airlines. In addition, by contracting a license with air freight worldwide leading company FedEx Express in 2009, MNG Kargo has a gorgeous system which serves to 220 countries.


MNG Kargo is the only and first company which has technological HUBs. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, we can separate 65.000 cargo per hour in high speed and load to the vehicles automatically and deliver it without any fault.


Having a main role in the improvement of land freight sector in Turkey and starting new eras with its innovations, MNG Kargo has brought modern dynamics into land freight sector of our country thanks to its globally standardized service policy. To provide 100 % customers satisfaction, MNG Kargo serves cargo services to all over Turkey in desired standards with advanced confidence environment it has formed, qualified human resources, speed, experience, technological investments and equipment it has.


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