Playing the leading role in development of the cargo freight sector, MNG Kargo hasthe lead the way again.

Providing a service beyond cargo service with the unique project it has developed towards small and medium scale companies which compose almost 90 percent of the economy, MNG Kargo has put forward his innovative approach again.

Providing its customers with benefit and value added solutions, MNG Kargo enables with the Club of Advantages it has realized SMEs to manage through a single solution their fuel oil, electricity, banking, office supplies, security systems and cargo requirements which are among their most important expense items.

Customers who become member of MNG Kargo Club of Advantages through MNG Kargo sales representatives in 2016 will be able to benefit from free membership.

Customers who become member of MNG Kargo Club of Advantages will be able to receive advantageous service that fit their needs from companies which are leaders in their sectors such as Zorlu Elektrik in electricity, Petrol Ofisi in fuel oil, Denizbank in banking operations, Pronet in security systems, and Akofis in office supplies.

Moreover, when our customers become member of the club, they can win gift voucher valued at TRY 100 from MNG Turizm in domestic hotel accommodations, and foreign and cruise holidays to be valid for shopping over TRY 2000.

Zorlu Elektrik Advantage:
- Saving in annual electricity consumption equal to almost 2 bills
- Fast and easy switch to electricity supply service without DBS (direct debiting system) or warranty
- Return of electricity security deposit

Petrol Ofisi Advantage:
- Discount fuel oil shopping
- Fast and easy buying
- Central payment system (Fuel oil filling without getting out of the vehicle)
- Control of fuel oil management and car tracking system from a single screen
- Possibility to minimize costs through services such as travel plan, time management,employee efficiency, maintenance follow-up etc.

Denizbank Advantage:
- Possibility to use pre-approved credit by writing MNG space T.R. ID No and sending to 3280
- Possibility to use as business card holder instalment commercial loan, overdraft account meeting daily and urgent cash need, or one or all of credit card products and the possibility to gain special discount or defer instalment in shopping campaigns that are organized periodically
- Through seashell application, possibility to access easily to all Denizbank mobile applications from a single point, apply for Denizbank products such as loan and credit card or query application, and to store all business cards, credit cards, identities and photos without being customer of Denizbank.

Pronet Advantage:
- Free service for the first 5 months
- Price advantage in installation and activation
- Possibility to choose between all Pronet service packages including My Camera or New Pronet Security System

Akofis Advantage:
- Easy membership with MNG Kargo Club of Advantages card number over
- Possibility for customers to be benefit from special advantages and discounts
- Online order facility among hundreds of products
- Door delivery of products with MNG Kargo guarantee

For detailed information: Phone: 0850 222 07 07
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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