MNG Group Community

“MNG Group Community" started its activities with the companies Günal Construction Trade and Industy Inc. and MAPA Construction and Trade Inc. Both of the companies are globally standardized contruction service providers and experts in building and infrastructure contracts.

MNG Group Community has varied and expanded its investments in a wide range with hotel invests and management, energy generation and marketting, domestic and international air freight, domestic cargo freight, aircraft maintenance and repair services, finance and media.

Equities of MNG Group Community has reached up to 1.02 billion of US Dollar. The total amount of completed transaction by contracted companies has exceeded 5.60 billion of US Dollars and the value of the ongoing transactions has reached 4.60 billion of US Dollars.

The contracted companies within MNG Group Community have accomplished all infrastructure and superstructure works like buildings and skyscrapers, shopping malls and trade centers, hotels and resorts, industrial plants, dams, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation facilities, tunnels, roads and highways, reinforced concrete silos, wastewater and potable treatment plants, excavation works, soil stabilization and pilling works. MNG Group Community also includes companies working on geo-technic and pilling Works, mechanics, electronics and sanitation and professional contracted companies in architectural design services.

MNG Group Community continues to its investments with the new projects in tourism and energy sectors. It continues its leading serrvices in tourism sector via holiday and business hotels founded under the brand "World of Wonders”. The total bed capacity of WOW Kremlin Palace, WOW Topkapı Palace, WOW Bodrum Resort, WOW Istanbul and WOW Airport Hotel is over 6.000 and these hotel are managed by high qualifiend and experienced people of community.

MNG Airways Inc. owned by MNG Group Community has the biggest air cargo capacity of Turkey (approximately 350 tons). The Corporation has 9 cargo planes. As a professional in aircraft maintenance and repair service sector MNG Technic Inc. serves aircraft maintenance and repair services for domestic and ınternational airline companies in its 60.000 m2 indoor area in Ataturk Airport with the capacity of 16 narrow body aircrafts or 4 wide and 8 narrow body aircrafts at the same time.

Starting with 65 branches, 6 regional directorates and 430 employees on 17th of February 2003, MNG Kargo serves globally standardized high quality service to 2.200 points all over Turkey via its about 800 branches, 26 HUBs, 15 regional directorates, over 8.000 employees and 2.200 land and aircraft fleet and has a gorgeous system which serves to 220 countries by contracting a license with air freight worldwide leading company FedEx Express.


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