Double championship from MNG Kargo Sailing Team

Double championship from <font class=h9><strong>MNG</strong></font> <font class=h10><strong>Kargo</strong></font> Sailing Team MNG Kargo Sailing Team won two cups as being champion in its own classification in two trophes it attended in Bodrum and Marmaris in 2016 season. 25.05.2016- MNG Kargo became the one who had its name written in the season

with its sailing team established in 2016. MNG Kargo, who became champion in tis own class in the trophes which it attended in Marmaris and Bodrum, showed that it is also assertive on the seas.

MNG Kargo Sailing Team, who came onto its first race in the first step of ERGO-MIYC Winter Trophe on 9th January, won the championship cup in IRC 3 class in the race consisted of 6 steps in total and ended in 8th May.

Besides Marmaris, the team sailed to Bodrum raised the championship cup in IRC A 4 class that it raced also in CFM-BAYK Winter Trophe consisting of 7 steps. The excitement in the trophe started on 16th January and ended on 22th May continued without interruption until the final race. While the the first day races of the seventh step were canceled due to storm, two sausage route race performed on the second day determined the ranking and MNG Kargo Sailing Team won the championship cup for the second time in this season in the overall.

The boat completed Marmaris and Bodrum Trophes successfully aims to increase its number of cups by attending the boat races to be held in Istanbul in June.

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